Register for a certification that will complement your own professional and personal development. Our vision is to serve the health promotion and wellness community in a way never achieved before.


Board Certified Obesity Management Specialist, COMS Certification is based on the successful completion of online education, suggested readings, and experience in the field of obesity management. COMS provides education and guidance for working with over weight clients.Click here for more information


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Certified Wellness Specialist, CWS Certification is based on the successful practice and promotion in Health and Wellness. This certification is for those who have completed at least 250 points on the application for certification. These must be completed in a Health and Wellness or related field.

Certified Wellness Consultant, CWC Certification is based on the importance of educating others in good Health and Wellness throughout a lifetime. This certification is available to professionals who have completed at least 150 points on the application. These must be completed in a Health and Wellness or related field.




You may join as a Fellow Member if you have completed Doctoral Studies OR a related field, such as medicine, nursing, exercise physiology, psychology, ministry, faculty, nutrition, social work, rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy, and all related fields. Fellow also requires one year of contribution to the American College of Wellness.


Certified Member

Professionals who have completed a degree OR required years of experience in Wellness OR a related field and has an interest in Wellness is welcome to join as a certified member.  You must meet the current requirements for one of the American College of Wellness certifications.


Professionals who choose not to become certified but who wish to be associated with the American College of Wellness are welcome to join.


Student Member

Available to degree-seeking individuals enrolled in at least nine credit hours per semester.  There are reduced membership and conference fees for these students assuring special opportunities for continuing education, certifications, and training seminars.


Corporate Member

Available to companies and vendors who serve the Wellness and Health communities.  This membership gives your company priority for booth space at national and regional conferences and trade shows.  You may also obtain publicity through our website, e-newsletter, conference programs, and a discount on advertising to our members.


Who Should Become Certified?

  • Every Clinician concerned with Wellness and Weight Managment
  • All Professionals working with Overweight or Obese Clients
  • Health Educators and Professionals
  • Fitness Professionals and Trainers
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Clinic and University-based Professionals
  • Worksite Health & Wellness Promoters
  • Sports Medicine, Athletic Trainers
  • Physicians, Medical Clinicians, Nurses
  • Nutrition Professionals
  • Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers
  • Clergy and Pastoral Counselors
  • Health and Wellness Consultants
  • All Professionals representing Wellness and Weight Management

Our focuses of Wellness include: physical, spiritual, psychological, environmental, medical, and nutritional wellness.

The American College of Wellness, LLC raises the awareness of disease prevention and restoring Wellness through the connection of body, mind, and spirit. A Certified Professional strives to provide health promotion, resources, and services that promote unparalleled growth. The available resources and expertise through the Executive Advisory Board is the result of innovation and the quality of service provided by ACW. Through conferences, continued education opportunities, and member resources, The American College of Wellness, LLC is leading the field in promoting healthsytles, weight management and lifelong Wellness.