Board Certified Obesity Management Specialist

The Board Certified Obesity Management Specialist, COMS program is a high-efficiency, self-study and self-testing program. It contains PowerPoint® presentations (coming soon) that accompany the educational material. The content of the program covers the essentials of obesity management, which incorporates an understanding of nutrition, physical activity and behavioral health.

The Board Certified Obesity Management Specialist program is designed for maximum flexibility. Study, review, and test over the most up-to-date information, at your convenience. COMS contains detailed explanations, and interpretive data such as images, tables, and diagrams. The detailed content enclosed has been developed by practicing clinicians and leading educators.

COMS will assist and direct you to provide guidance to clients seeking wellness advice on lifestyle changes, weight management and overall improved health. The program provides you the fundamental skills of client assessments and general counseling strategies. You will also learn how to assist your clients to design and reach their goals while considering their risk factors.

COMS Program Goals:

  • Provide education to assist you with improving the health of your clients through weight management.
  • Incorporate behavioral modifications, physical activity, and nutritional factors critical to understanding barriers and developing strategies to reduce and prevent obesity.
  • Integrate the expertise of practitioners with knowledge of the physiological differences in the obese patient.
  • Nurture the careers of obesity practitioners through continuing education and training.

Getting Started:

Begin by accessing the Guidelines and Introduction below to learn more about the program. Then join ACW and the COMS Certification, read the material and view the accompanying presentations in the three primary areas of obesity management. Finally, complete the test and return it to ACW via mail. The additional forms are for you to use and modify for you practice.

 Board Certified Obesity Managemet Specialist, COMS
COMS Guidelines COMS Introduction
COMS Physical Wellness COMS Physical Wellness - Power Point
COMS Psychological Wellness COMS Psychological Wellness - Power Point
COMS Nutritional Wellness COMS Nutritional Wellness - Power Point
COMS Test COMS Forms


Companies Utilizing COMS Professionals

-- Mercy St. John's Health System, MO
-- Cox Hospital/Cox-Meyer Fitness Center, MO
-- Anderson University, SC
-- Adena Health System, OH
-- Medical Wellness Association, TX
-- The Wisconsin Heart Hospital, WI
-- Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital, WI
-- Nutrition E.T.C, Inc., NY
-- Dr. Jae Hoon Jeong, Los Angeles, CA
-- American Association of Integrative Medicine, MO
-- Elevate8
-- Healthy Results, Ltd, IL
-- Educational Fitness Solutions, Inc., IL