Board Certified Obesity Management Specialist Forms
Case Study FITT Principle of Exercise
Medical History Exercise Log 
Weight History Goals Setting
Calculate BMI <35 Daily Goals
Calculate BMI >40 Calories Expended
Fitness Testing Nutrition Orientation
Weekly Body Composition Nutrition Consults
Initial Exercise Consult Dietary Record
Exercise Consults Referral Form
Progress Report Waiver of Liability
Eating Habits Client Agreement
Shopping List  Food Log


Use these forms to assist your weight management program. Begin by utilizing the referral form to communicate with your client's physician if the client has multiple risk factors. The Medical History and Weight History forms allow you to interview your client and understand his/her medical background. The BMI and Calories Expended forms allow you to quickly assess your client's BMI and calories expended with common activities. Fitness Testing and Body Composition forms provide detailed formatting to record your client's changes and progression. The Progress Report can be used to keep information your client shares with you during your weekly consults. The FITT Principles handout can be given to your client to describe aerobic exercises clearly. The Exercise Log and Dietary Record allows your client to track daily nutrition and exercise. The Goals Setting and Daily Goals forms helps your client track his/her goals and steps toward lifestyle changes. The Nutrition forms provide guided formatting for you to interview and track your clients' dietary changes. The Case Study provides you an example of how your client tracking and usage of forms can assist your client to reach goals. The Client Agreement and Waiver of Liability are standard forms to inform your client of the risks and benefits of physical activity and your programming.