Lydia Manning, M.S., R.N.

Lydia became a registered nurse in 1978. She has practiced in neurology, MICU, CCU, management, clinical research, systems analysis, and project management. Her last position was Associate Director for a regional Measurement Support group. During most of these years, she also taught in seminars, lectures, and workshops. Yet there was something missing: the element of holistic care for the patient and the healthcare professionals; Lydia wanted to do more than just assist in curing the body -- she wanted to participate in healing body, mind, and spirit. To her 'alternative' is a divisive term; instead, 'complementary' and 'integrative' are terms that promote healing partnerships.

Realizing the general lack of holistic resources, training, and education, plus the need to integrate healthcare, she opted to do her part in promoting the holistic approach. She resigned her position and returned to graduate school full-time to study holistic nursing and to specialize in spirituality and education. She joined organizations that promote holism, integrative care, and a worldview that supports them (American College of Wellness, American Association of Integrative Medicine, American Association of Holistic Nursing, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Theosophical Society, and Healing Touch International). She has also been a student for some time of Healing Touch, an energy-based body therapy, and she plans to become a licensed practitioner during 2004. Upon graduation, she plans to teach health professionals in these areas and to have her own part-time practice teaching clients and facilitating Healing Touch.

Interests: holism, spirituality, Wellness, and integrative care.