Membership Benefits

ACW Membership Program

The American College of Wellness was developed as a multidisciplinary membership association to promote total wellness. Your involvement helps ACW continue to advance the wellness field and the many programs associated with health and wellness. ACW will continue to serve our members by providing resources, membership networking, continuing education and other benefits to assist in your professional career.


Member Advocacy

ACW is your voice on key issues within the wellness profession. ACW offers online publications and e-newsletters to increase your membership education and involvement. ACW can assist you in providing valuable information with ACW members. Utilize the online member directory to boost your network and referral base.

Wellness Speakers, Networking, and Continuing Education

Network with colleagues, members, and professionals locally, regionally, and nationally through meetings and conferences, E-mail and specialty groups.

Professional Recognition and Fellowship

Members of the American College of Wellness receive professional certificates proclaiming their achievements within the wellness field. Fellow and Diplomate status within ACW note your outstanding professionalism and advancements within wellness.

Discounts on Programs and Education

ACW members receive discounts on programs, continuing education, conferences, seminars, and membership upgrades.

Career Services and Support

ACW is committed to assisting with your professional growth and advancement through member networking, relocation assistance, and resume development.

Leadership Opportunities

ACW is seeking leadership nominations for Executive Advisory Board Members. Board members serve for one year and have the opportunity to be invited for additional years of service. ACW is also looking for volunteers to edit newsletters, journals, and other correspondance between the association headquarters and our members.



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Join Today! Your contribution supports the wellness profession and the American College of Wellness. ACW is continuously looking for ways to enhance membership benefits. We welcome any suggestions.